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Playlyst Studios is a podcasting network that works with some of the biggest content creators and influencers to create original podcasts. Working with names like Matt Ramos (2 Million Followers), Gauis Bolling (90k followers), SandyCorn (4.1 Million likes), and Sam Wright Playlyst has become the fastest-growing podcast network that has grown exponentially around the world. Appearing in outlets like Silicon Valley Times, BBC, RedBull, and Yahoo News our popularity and demand grows each year.

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Lisa Jhonson

Mav Chetty
CEO & Founder
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Nathan Smith

Sonalia Ragavadu
Team Leader
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Luke Harper

Benjamin Stattin Bridge
Lead Producer
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Jenny Watson

Dylan Harris
Lead Technician
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Leonard Jones

Shantanu Srivastava
Lead Developer
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Arlene Miles

Zoe Gaboury
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